Let Us Be Your Guide

At times, it may be difficult to navigate through life’s choices. With supportive guidance and a safe therapeutic environment, it is possible to take charge of life’s daily obstacles and steer yourself in the direction that is best for you. Let our clinicians be your guide to a customized treatment plan.

The goal of treatment is not only to provide support as you facilitate life changes, but to also foster hope and improve your emotional strength. We take an integrative approach to treatment that involves components of cognitive behavioral interventions, humanistic approaches, family systems theory and developmental models.

Treatment For All Ages

We specialize in treating a wide range of symptoms and diagnoses. Comprehensive treatment may include coordinating your progress with other medical providers and mental health professionals, as needed. With your consent, we are also available to coordinate care with school professionals, if necessary.

Parenting Consultations

Additionally, our clinicians are available to help you design your parenting plan. With our guidance, parents and children learn how to overcome daily life struggles. We help parents and children strengthen their relationship. Parents learn how to manage a child’s negative behavior and encourage positive behavior in a more appropriate manner. Your clinician may also assist you with identifying the appropriate educational accommodations, if your child is in need.

Initiating Treatment

To schedule, please call the office at 708.864.4920. We look forward to meeting with you to take the first step in customizing your treatment plan.

CBH offers a multitude of therapy and teletherapy services for toddlers, children, adolescents and adults.