There has never been a more stressful time for adults than the period we live in right now. The demands imposed on employees, parents, and adult caregivers are physically and emotionally draining. We understand! More importantly, we can help you improve your daily quality of life. During treatment, we will help you improve your emotional expression, relational skills, decision-making abilities, and increase your overall confidence in managing life’s daily challenges. If your current lifestyle requires travel, we also provide the opportunity to continue telepsychology treatment during short-term, out-of-state travel. If your clinician is a Psypact credentialed psychologist in the state of Illinois, you may be eligible to conduct telepsychology sessions from a Psypact licensed state listed here. Please consult your clinician to learn more about Psypact options if you are traveling or temporarily relocating to a different state.

Common Adult Stressors